「Honeycomb Dolce」Free Additional Data | Honeycomb Dolce + DIGITAL CRAFT

  • Update 2024/05/24 'Honeycomb Dolce' will be a program to add new costume data and update the game.

■ Each software will be updated as follows. ・Honeycomb Dolce Ver 2.0.6 ・DIGITAL CRAFT Ver 1.0.6 'DIGITAL CRAFT': Fixed a bug.

When you select 'Full Set' or 'Update Data', the terms of use, instructions, and various precautions will be displayed. Please use after confirming. For first-time users or those unsure which to use, please select 'Full Set'. 'Honeycomb' is not supported. Full Set 0524 Update Data. If there are any abnormalities during extraction, installation, or after installation, please check 'Support Page: Other Support'.

The update on 2024/05/24 for 'Honeycomb Dolce' includes adding new costume data and updating the game program. The update affects 'Honeycomb Dolce' version 2.0.6 and DIGITAL CRAFT version 1.0.6, which had a bug fixed. Users can choose between 'Full Set' or 'Update Data' options, with instructions and terms displayed for each. New users or those unsure can select 'Full Set.' Note that the update is not applicable to 'Honeycomb.' For any issues during installation or abnormal behavior post-installation, users are advised to check the support page.