RSP l 共“筑”临港绿色新区



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功能介绍 作为新加坡地区最为著名的建筑,规划和工程实施的设计事务所,RSP致力于通过我们的专业研究,不断拓展创新和可持续发展的设计理念,为客户提供各个专业领域的设计服务,将功能,建筑和环境的整体结合考虑来丰富和改善生活品质。

RSP Architects is a renowned design firm in Singapore, specializing in architecture, planning, and engineering. They focus on expanding innovative and sustainable design concepts through professional research to enhance the quality of life for clients. The firm offers design services in various fields, integrating functionality, architecture, and environment to enrich living experiences.